Tom Ash


  • Substantial professional experience building and coding websites in Drupal, WordPress, Bricolage and hand-crafted HTML and PHP.
  • Experience designing websites for varied organisations - up to date with modern design principles and CSS techniques.
  • Proficient in HTML (and XHTML and XML) and CSS (and Sass), and consistently write valid markup.
  • Sound knowledge of PHP, Perl, JavaScript, C, and similar programming languages.
  • Competent in wide variety of software packages, including Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, InDesign).
  • Experience with website maintenance, including administration of Unix-based servers, Apache and MySQL.
  • Have managed projects with disparate organisations, setting up project-management systems.
  • Familiar with the following technologies, among others: SQL, Ruby on Rails, Google Maps API, Node.js and jQuery.

For more information, a history of where I have worked, and testimonials from those I've worked with, please see my LinkedIn profile.